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iHeater Review

iHeater Pros/Cons?


  • Supplements air heating solutions
  • Does save money for most places over time


  • Not a miracle as infomercial claims
  • Variables may prevent it from saving money

iHeater Review:

What everyone wants to know:

Will it work It does work — but do not expect a miracle. First, it does cut the cost of overall heating. But it may not be as much as you expect. Here is a real example: a 900 Square Foot house is accustom to having a heating bill of $120/month. After the iHeater installed: It’s down to $60/month. However, it does cost about $1.00 a day in electricity to run the machine. Therefore, the total heating costs for this example is really $90.00. Total savings for this example is $30.00 a month. This person would NOT come ahead in year one — maybe in year two — for sure in year three the iHeater would start saving money for this person.

Variables One should remember there are countless variables. First, if your installation is poor; iheater is not going to work for you. Your are better off purchasing insulation for your home that will save you more money over time. Also, depending on the square footage of your home — it may not heat the entire house — and your bills would likely see a dramatic decrease. We have found iHeater works well for people who have the following: 1) good insulation 2) relatively small square footage of a home (note: there are many people who have purchased 2 or 3 of them to heat an entire house with decent success — but it does not always work for larger homes — so this may be an expensive test. The biggest takeaway from this review: It is not free to run the iHeater — it costs about $30 a day in electricity. Hope this helps.

iHeater Features & Benefits:

  • Infrared technology is extremely efficient
  • Whisper quiet to use
  • Heats a room evenly from floor to ceiling
  • Save money on your heating bills
  • The iHeater costs up to 50% less than competitive heaters
  • Heats a 1000 square foot area for pennies a day

iHeater, Does It Really Work?

Yes; the iHeater is found to work for most places. However, it depends on a few variables we outlined in our review. It isn’t a miracle–but will save most people money.

iHeater, What Do I Get?

iHeater System

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