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Lint Lizard Reviews

Lint Lizard Review:

There is something definitely satisfying about cleaning all the lint in your dryer. I think that is why many people end up liking the lint cleaning lizard. In theory, you should only need the lint cleaning lizard IF you do not clean your dryer’s own lint catcher regularly. OR you have family members that forget to change the lint catcher between cycles. OR you can see buildup in your dryer for whatever reason. Cleaning lint not only increases performance from an energy perspective — but it also makes for cleaner clothes — and can be viewed as a safety precaution.

A dryer may become as hot as 170 degrees and improper ventilation could cause a fire. A consumer product safety commission recently noted that about 15,000 fires per year are started as a result of dryer issues. The lint lizard may help. You will find that this lizard also collects hair/crumbs/paper bits/tissue/etc… caught in the dryer’s lint trap. You will likely clean up more lint than you ever expected to find. The infomercial says that you need a vacuum. Most issues with this product arise from the type of vacuum you own. If you have a vacuum that does not have a standard type hose, you may find the Lint Lizard does not fit. In addition, if you have a very powerful vacuum, it may collapse the hose — although this is very rare.

Lint Lizard Pros/Cons?


  • Keeps dryer running in top shape
  • Maximizes energy efficiency
  • Cleans lint in dryer vents; preventing fire
  • Works well in other places like heater vents; the back/under of a fridge


  • Vacuum attachment may not fit all vacuums
  • Powerful vacuum may collapse tube

Lint Lizard Features & Benefits:

  • attaches to your vacuum
  • special fan designed to clean vents
  • 44″ long to clean deep into your vents
  • clean under heavy appliances as well

Lint Lizard, Does It Really Work?

Yes, it works provided you follow the instructions — some users report problem if they have a vacuum that is not standard.

Can I buy Lint Lizard in Stores?

Lint Lizard is in some stores–but mostly sold out.

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