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Why Celebrities Endorse Infomercials

Why do celebrities do infomercials? The short answer: Cold, hard, cash. Most people believe post-career celebrities are the only celebrities that endorse infomercial products. That’s not true. Justin Bieber recently signed a $3,000,000.00 2-year deal to promote Proactiv. Katy Perry, Jessica Simpson and Avril Lavigne were also paid about that much for similar deals. Investors behind infomercials will pay celebrities big bucks to help them brand a specific product. If a celebrity endorses a product, a product receives instant credibility. This is because in the minds of most people, a celebrity wouldn’t promote a product if it wasn’t true. Of course the spokesperson for the benefiting celebrity will always argue how the product in question is a perfect fit, as did Bieber’s:

We did it because the kid uses it,” says Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun, who wouldn’t confirm the $3 million price tag. “I never want to do anything with Justin’s brand that isn’t organic. He isn’t manufactured.”

So Bieber didn’t sell out. And Bieber’s flawless skin is a result of using Proactiv.

How Celebrity Endorsements Started:

Suzanne Somers was in a rut, doing Las Vegas shows when she endorsed the thighmaster. It quickly became an iconic hit — selling at least 10 million of them. It also launched her own brand, kind of like Oprah for infomercials.

What Celebrities Have Done Infomercials:

While not a definitive list, here are a few celebrities that have done infomercials and the product they promote:

  1. Cher: Lori Davis Hair Care
  2. Alex Trebek: WordSmart, vocabulary-building tool
  3. Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Ab Glider
  4. Cheryl Burke: Fullfast Appetite Control Spray
  5. Nick Lachey: Celebrity Trainer for Core Secrets
  6. Judith Light: various
  7. Brooke Shields: various
  8. Alicia Keys: various
  9. Vanessa Williams: Proactiv
  10. Leeza Gibbons: Sheer Cover makeup
  11. Susan Lucci: Malibu Pilates
  12. Victoria Principal: Principal Secret, skin care
  13. Mr. T: FlavorWave Oven Turbo
  14. Dan Marino: Nutrisystem
  15. Chuck Norris: Total Gym
  16. Wesley Snipes: Total Gym
  17. Christie Brinkley: Total Gym
  18. George Foreman: Grill
  19. Cindy Crawford: Meaningful Beauty, skin care
  20. Valerie Bertinelli: Meaningful Beauty, skin care
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